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About us

Ian met Caroline in a pub, they were married in a little church in Hucknall a little, 10 years down the road and Ian still gets nagged but it seems to be working. Ian took up photography after retiring as a local model, Caroline also retired modelling to take up Makeup artistry and glitter tattoo's.

It has worked out. Ian's talent for pointing lights and pressing shutter buttons pairs well with Caroline's ability to create amazing art on peoples faces with coloured powders and strange looking brushes.

They have brainstormed, sketched, built stuff and photographed things & people from celebrities to the average Joe like us.

Ian Petrie

When not in their converted home studio, they can usually be found at places like Rufford Park with their Son Lucian relaxing with nature, normally with camera at hand, (occupational hazard, a photographer is always with their camera.)

I don't just try to be helpful…
…As a professional photographer I spend a huge amount of time learning my craft so I can provide you with images that really speak to you and reveal the personalities, emotions & characters of everyone involved. Over the years I’ve managed to grab some rosette awards on a little over 60 of my portrait work, this is an area I feel is my area of speciality.

Here’s how I can help you...
Life moves pretty fast and family photos are your tangible connection to the past. How many times have you heard the following phrases?

- Kids grow up so fast!
- Our wedding day was over so quickly I barely remember it.
- My holiday is a blur; it was all over too soon.
- My dog is such a character, he does the cutest thing...

This is where I come in. Hiring a professional portrait and wedding photographer is about preserving your family legacy and permanently capturing a moment in your lives. It's about having photos created that are so special and meaningful to you that they bring back the emotions of the day they were taken whenever you look at them.

Family portraits and pets
Life moves along at an alarming rate. When you're doing those early morning baby feeds it may seem like time is dragging, but in a few quick months that baby will be a toddler and then, before you know it they'll be out the door, only to return home for birthdays and religious festivals. I can't time travel, so I can't help you slow down time, but I can help you look back on all those fantastic memories by providing you with wonderful family portraits and photos of your treasured pets.

I believe in the value of beautiful wall portraits of your family. When you have your photos printed to the appropriate size for your wall spaces and then mounted in lovely frames they are transformed into works of art, your art, your story and your memories in art form. The secret is that I care enough to put attention to detail into every step in the process.

My photos are printed using lab spec inks and paper that's guaranteed to drop your jaws. I really enjoy retouching all your images not just a few shot, due to the hours I lavish over your photos by only using the top of the range professional grade editing software and hardware. I don't put strict time limits on your portrait sessions, because you can't force those special moments and kids some times need a little breather. After all, models can be divas, can't they? . I also offer to meet you ahead of the photography session so we can plan everything properly. great for weddings and on location style portrait sessions. Art is created, because I care about your photos as much as you do.

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Wedding photography
Your wedding day only lasts a few hours to a day at most, you'll find it hard to remember much about it. Particularly if you get extremely merry at the disco afterwards! But, if you have beautiful photos that capture every scene and every emotion, then you will be able to look back on your wedding day for a lifetime. I'll capture the smiles, the tears, the worries and the fears which in turn will give you a storyboard of the whole emotional experience. 

Don't cut corners on your wedding photos, because fantastic memories are ultimately what a wedding is all about, and gorgeous photos are the only way you'll be able to do those memories justice. Also (and I'll keep this between you and me!), I guarantee that all your images we hand you are enhanced, not just a handful as some wedding photographers do. I hope this gives you the peace of mind knowing your memories will look even more fabulous, including you.
So, keep your wedding memories safe and lets chat more about how I can help your photography needs further. 

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