Nottingham Wedding & Portrait Photographer | East Midlands & South Yorkshire Wedding Photography At Affordable Prices.

My name is Ian and I am a photographer in the Nottingham area, I mainly focus on wedding & Portrait photography across the Nottingham and Derby regions. I am happy to cover all of the East Midlands and South Yorkshire areas at no additional charges for wedding shoots, such as Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Sheffield and Doncaster as an example coverage areas.

I started off as a local model and after featuring in a few magazines and 3 photography exhibitions with my modelling work on display I turn towards learning photography, It’s not been an easy road to learning the business side of things. However taking photos is something I have a big passion for and look to improve on every shoot.

Lets face it, a lot of people think a photographer is simply someone that points a camera and pushes a few buttons and hey presto, art in digital format!!!! Unfortunately it’s not so easy as I have had to learn over years my craft and everyone has their own style and opinion of art. I really hope my style of art matches yours, but there is only one way to find out!

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All the best in your search for your photographer who ever you choose!

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