What to expect on your wedding


Our style is very natural and relaxed, with a Fine Art spin on many images. We know the process of weddings inside out, this means we know all of the key moments to expect and capture but we also know how to seek out those special candid moments throughout the day. that really show the essence of your day.

We know how important it is to capture the more traditional group photos of your family and friends, as we all know weddings is one of the few occasions where the whole family get together. 

bridal prep at mansfield manor

We also believe it’s really important to spend some time with just the two of you creating some romantic newlywed photographs. But we don’t want to turn your day into a photo-shoot – your wedding is about celebrating your love and commitment to each other with all of your friends and family.

On a typical Half Day of wedding photography you will receive 300-500 photographs, on a Full Day's wedding photography you can normally expect to receive between 400 - 800 photographs. There are no limits - if we take more then you will get more - we don't hold any back.

newly wed portraits at papplewick pumping station

We give you all of the photos that we don't discard. This doesn't mean that we give you every single photograph we take as many are duplication's and test shots. We will often shoot several photos where only one will be used. There are always times when people are blinking or pulling strange faces and so we don’t include those in your final collection.

All of your photographs come with full print rights, this allows you to print your photos else where without needing to come back to us. You can share them with friends and family however and wherever you like and are welcome to choose where to get them printed. Our online gallery has a number of print & download options which you and your guests can use.

Every single one of your photographs will be edited in our own, unique style, with special attention given to each image individually – The online gallery will usually be ready within 6 - 8 weeks of the wedding date (although this can be up to 10 weeks during peak-wedding season). We’ll let you know an estimated time period once we have backed up your files after the wedding and gone through  our selection process, this way we will have an understanding of how many we maybe able to process for you.

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